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MPEG4 AAC provides extra quality for lower bit rates. We have economy streams for congested or expensive networks, high quality for dial-up modems and studio quality for broadband.

Radio Jackie Finesse: Radio stations process their audio to improve the sound clarity for listeners in cars and noisy work or home environments. (Many stations process heavily, leaving no detail and a fatiguing sound.) If you have large loudspeakers or are in a quiet room you may prefer to hear the full dynamic range of music from the studio desk output, as the producer intended. These world firsts, Jackie's Finesse streams, have provided exactly that since 2006... streaming Finesse HD Sound at 320kbps.
Direct entry stream and player URL addresses:

HLS:   //
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The following may be retired soon:
12 kbps AAC+ Mono Economy:
32 kbps AAC+ Fair:
128 kbps MP3 Good:
128 kbps AAC Superior:

320 kbps AAC Finesse HD Sound Unprocessed studio output:

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It is well worth connecting your computer sound card to a Hi-Fi system with its larger loudspeakers, using a stereo 3.5mm jack to phono lead like this:

phono to 3.5mm jack lead

or alternatively use a normal phono to phono lead, along with a phono to 3.5mm jack adaptor like this:

phono to 3.5mm jack adaptor

The ideal dynamic range (quietest to loudest) depends on the situation, from this Audio Engineering Society paper.

graph of dynamic ranges