Neil's Photos up to 2015 

...with barbecue aflame and the black and white Jolly Roger flying...
...on the lower rear mast. Neil Long was on the decks...
...and returned later to an exceptional sunset over London
Neil Long and Nicky Patrick on Jackie Breakfast
Cruella and Damien finally return Nicky's Dougal bag
Nicky Patrick's kidnapped bag makes it to the snow
Hi Mum, having a smashing time see you all soon. Love Dougal x x

The cruelty continues...
...with poor Doooogal as the victim...
Here are Cruella and Damien... and you can see the look of joy and excitement on their little faces
The Jackie studios became a film set for the Channel 5 series, Billie - Girl From The Future...
... Neil Long with Jennifer Guy, who plays a teacher, and the Two Hats crew
Municipal Swimming Pool - on the A320 between the McLaren roundabout and the Six Cross Roads roundabout
Christmas lights switch-on in Market Square, Kingston, as Neil Long said 'stick out your tongue'
Leee John comes in to tell Neil Long and Nicky Patrick about Kingston Can fund raising
Stefan The Midnight Busker, captured on film
Jaki Graham visits Neil Long at the studios
Hello Sailor: strangely, the pirate gains a handbag and a sign..
Ally with the fan and Neil hand over heaps of goodies to the St Nicholas Centre blag winner
After Neil had drenched Rod Bradbury and aimed missiles at him as he was doing travel, Rod retaliated
Travelling 14 countries over 5 weeks, Fletcher's vest makes it to Austria
Neil Long visits the work of the Phantom Fountain Frother
New Malden's amazing Fountain Roundabout got the Breakfast Show treatment
Pupils from Moore Lane School amongst the foliage
Neil Long, horticulturalist
Let loose in Chessington Garden Centre
Charlotte with her father, Martin, Ally and friends
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