Neil's Photos up to 2015 

After a break-in at Tolworth Infants' School, just before the school fete, Jackie and local businesses came to the rescue with goodies
Martin's vest makes a bid for airborne freedom
Helicopter or aeroplane?
St. Helier Hospital has never seen such a thing
What would Neil Long know about this bizarre group at Rhodrons in Chessington on 28 May?
A sighting through the stage smoke of Fletcher's vest making a special guest appearance at Chess in Kingston Vale
Martin's vest, pictured here being rejected by a dry cleaners in Brighton
Neil Long with St Nicholas Centre manager Chris Shaw give Mark Burr from Worcester Park his 107.80 winnings
Steve Mowbray hands a cheque to the winner of the 501 Impossible Question
Stefan the midnight busker
Stefan the midnight busker
Neil befriends the pirate in the street outside
Neil's tongue at breakfast time
Neil strides out in December
The famous morning when Neil Sellotaped Martin's biccies to a tree on the Broadway!
er.. yea
again, we have no excuse!
Ally greets The Boss!
Neil Long making an appearance at The Wedding Show
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